Imagine that moment when a ray of sunlight comes through the blinds in the morning, or when a child blows a soap bubble that captures and reflects all the light of its surroundings. These moments are when we notice the beauty of light embraced in Aura.

Inspired by the ever-changing nature of sunlight, Aura is an ambient light that changes during the day and provides us with an intimate atmosphere at night. Its main aim is to help us reconnect with artificial light in the way we would connect with natural light. Thus, making us feel an emotional reaction. Aura explores the power of reflection and transmission of light and colour and provides us with different and unexpected casted colours on the wall by using a dichroic filter. When it is off, it reflects all the light surrounding it and changes accordingly. On the other hand, when it is on, it emits a beautiful and surprising coloured light.

Institution: RCA
Academic year: 1st / 2015