I am a product designer with a desire to create objects and furnishings that make the everyday life at home for the many people, better. I am utterly interested in the domestic space, and I feel an underlying fascination to explore the potential and importance to design products that, starting from the home, catalyse greater global and social changes.

My work is about observing and understanding today’s changing living situations, and responding with emotional and innovative objects tailored to meet society’s emerging needs and wishes. Consequently, my projects challenge conventional understandings of living and offer new and alternative, conceivable futures.

2017: M.A. Design Products, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2014: BA in Design, ELISAVA, Barcelona, ES
2014: BA with Honours in Design, University of Southampton, UK
2013: Erasmus. Delft University of technology. Delft, NL

2017: Nook winner of Ruth Drew Prize
2017: Nook Shortlisted for the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation Award 2017

2017: NookLondon Design Fair, London
2017: Nook RCA Graduation Show, Royal College of Art, London